Donations and Fundraising

Thank you for your commitment to our community.  Any effort you make in donating, fundraising, attending or volunteering is so greatly appreciated as we work to build autism awareness, fund research and support local families and kids.

Here are ways in which you might contribute towards these efforts, from direct donations to event participation.

1) Make a Donation

Make a donation directly to C.A.D.E.:

  1. Visit our C.A.D.E page  to donate

     DONATE to C.A.D.E

2. Send check directly to C.A.D.E.

Address: 6533 Flying Cloud Drive, Suite  1200, Eden Prairie, MN  55344

This is a great option for those who want to contribute, since the 5K is cancelled for 2020.

2) Become a Fundraiser

  1.   Visit our Crowdrise fundraising page:
  2.   Click the “Join” button at the top(next to Donate) to create your own page or join an existing team at the bottom)

-Share your Crowdrise fundraising page with family, friends and coworkers so you receive credit for the donations.  The participation teams on our registration site are not associated with the fundraising teams on Crowdrise.

Encourage your workplace to consider a sponsorship, or match funds donated for this event!

3) Volunteer

If you can’t participate or contribute at this time, your presence at the event will be great for supporting the runners and walkers while helping us build awareness of autism’s reach.


4) Register for the 5K

When you register, there is also an option to make a donation. This donation will not be associated with your fundraising team/site on Crowdrise.  Your registration alone also helps as well, as all net proceeds go directly to fund therapy, treatment and research for local kids and families.

Register Online or visit the link below for more details on how to register for the Autism 5K.

If you have any questions about how you can get involved with fund-raising and donations, please email us –

Thank you so much!